Protecting your Marriage just got easier.

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions:

Why do other couples seem to have a better marriage than ours? How do I get a closer relationship with my spouse? Why are we always so busy we never have time for each other? How do we break through the silence that’s crept in? Things are so hard, is this marriage really worth it?  Craig and Sarah Beckman have designed Safeguarding your Marriage to help you answer these questions and many more.

You will discover:

    • Practical ways to get to know your spouse better – no matter how long you’ve been married!
    • How to stop wasting your energy on loving your spouse in ways they don’t feel loved.
    • The single most important practice of couples who stay together.
    • How to avoid the “roommate effect” so when your nest is empty your relationship won’t be!
    • Important tools for keeping your marriage a central focus in your home.
    • Why your marriage is worth the effort it takes to make it better.
    • With plenty of humor and a bit of business expertise thrown in, this event is perfect for the couple (or spouse) who is hesitant about attending “one of those marriage talks”.


Join the many men and women whose marriages have been changed, and challenged, by this full weekend retreat or one-hour session.  We disarm the audience as we use humor, personal examples, biblical foundations and reliable resources to illuminate the investments you can make to protect and strengthen your marriage.  Craig’s corporate experience will help any husband feel at home, and Sarah’s passion for teaching shines through as they share personal experience and insight. This is not your typical “churchy” marriage talk!

You will leave with practical tools to work toward the marriage YOU WANT!


The building block to protecting your marriage.


Using the acronym SAFE, the Beckmans teach 4 key investments that have helped them end up joyfully on the other side of their struggles. From spending time together to finding out new things about your spouse to how to pray and connect, they illuminate the primary ways you can avoid the “roommate effect” in your marriage and grow stronger together as a couple.


An encore to more investments for your marriage.


Teaching 4 more investments, using the acronym SAFE, this session touches on the often overlooked sex and money subjects, as well as broadens your understanding of how your spouse feels love. The Beckman’s wit and candor reminds couples that “you’re not alone” as they share not only sage advice, but also their downfalls and missteps.


A multi day retreat, full of engaging content & time to invest in your marriage.


Get all the content of SAFE 1.0 and 2.0 with uninterrupted time to unpack the rich content found within! This multi day retreat allows for extra audience and couple interaction. Optional additions include Q & A or panel discussions. You can custom design this experience to meet your objectives and audience’s needs. We love creating unique experiences for couples to grow and connect.


The Beckmans have been married 25 years and have 3 children ages 20, 18 and 16. They live in Albuquerque, NM where Craig is a CEO and Sarah is an author and speaker. They attend Copper Pointe Church where they also serve in hospitality and security. They lead regular mission trips to Haiti through a non-profit called Healing Haiti where Craig also serves as the lead advocate for job creation. They love to golf, sail, travel, hike and kayak on a small lake in Northern Minnesota. Their life verse is “To those whom much is given, much will be required.” {Luke 12:48} Sarah and Craig are passionate about helping couples work toward a thriving marriage – as opposed to “just getting by.”


“We both realized after attending that our marriage could be so much better if we put the things we learned into practice.  We love going out on date nights, and telling each other why we appreciate one another, and praying together regularly!  We both always say our marriage is so precious to us that it’s worth investing in it!!”Donna & Dan
“The sharing was practical and authentic.  Everyone took away nuggets to put into immediate use to strengthen and safeguard their marriages. This time with the Beckmans was an absolute blessing.” Julie & Jeff
“We were blessed to have Sarah and Craig as keynote speakers for our 1st Date Night Event at Redeemed Farm. Their teaching is practical and honest with humor and vulnerability woven in. The principles are biblically based and give every couple things to think about and put into action to strengthen and safeguard their marriage. We can’t wait to have them back.  Received so many requests by our guests to let them know when their next event would be.  We highly recommend.”Julie Gacek, Redeemed Farm Scandia, MN
“We loved attending the Safeguarding your marriage seminar with Craig and Sarah Beckman. The principles they shared are easy to follow and so important in keeping a marriage strong. Their ability to share and be vulnerable made the evening intimate and meaningful.” Monique
“Craig and Sarah presented with honesty and transparency that allows you to connect with them right away. They don’t shy away from the fact that it takes work to create a marriage but they remind us that it is doable and more than worth it. The reminder to “learn everything you can” has brought a freshness and curiosity to our conversations and interactions. It in turn has also brought more patience and understanding. ” Tom & Sarah
“Marriage improvement at its best, plain and simple.  I think it’s great, too, for a man to hear words of wisdom from another man.  To this day, my husband still carries in his wallet the card he received at class.” Mallory

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